Towards Framework.

Utilizing Self-Sovereign technologies and with State-of-the-Art homomorphic encryption, TRUSTEE offers a socially and environmental-aware framework for cross discipline federation of Data.


TRUSTEE will focus on how to support ISS for research and space missions, based on a series of detailed scenarios developed in the early phase of the project. Through these we will identify the technical and non-technical requirements, as well as the structure of the tests executed to check functionality and user acceptance.


TRUSTEE recognizes the responsibility that educational institutions carry to generate, manage, store, secure and ensure individual privacy of students and administration. We aim to make their job easier by improving data sharing according to GDPR rules and enabling data interoperability with cross-border.


TRUSTEE’s goal is to establish the necessary pathway for multi-stakeholder data exchange and data sovereignty across its platform, by implementing a set of IDS interfaces with the GAIA-X federation layer to allow secure data inference across the entire platform.


TRUSTEE’S platform will be used by the researchers at UCSC in areas such as Epidemiology & Bio statistics, Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data processing to support clinical research and healthcare process improvement.


TRUSTEE focuses on enhancing the safety indexes for autonomous driving in the presence of sensor and data sources, by assessing drivers’ behavior and HMI evolution and by using the output as informed experimental feedback for evolving the HMI.


TRUSTEE aims to help customers that have invested in energy solutions to continuously monitor PV production, energy consumption and battery storage/charging status to be able to offer Virtual Power Plant services while respecting privacy and data security.

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