TRUSTEE Workshop 1.0 – Co-designing Data Spaces: Empowering Usability

The first TRUSTEE Workshop was hosted on March 9th, on the premises of the Institute of Space Science, in Magurele, Romania.

During the first session of the Workshop, five different EU-funded projects were presented! TRUSTEE presented its personas and requirements and initiated a discussion regarding these topics. TEADAL and TANGO also presented their Requirements, followed by GLASS and AUTOFAIR, which made an overview of the projects.

In the second half of the workshop, the participants were divided into three working groups to discuss Secondary Use and Legal and ethical considerations. Each group had representatives from several domains, as well as technical and non-technical participants. The discussions were lively, and the participants shared their perspectives and concerns.

The workshop provided a valuable opportunity for exchanging knowledge with other European Projects and stakeholders. Looking forward to the next time!