TRUSTEE’s Second Plenary Meeting & Workshop

TRUSTEE’s Second Plenary Meeting took place on March 8th and 10th, on the premises of the Institute of Space Science, in Magurele, Romania.

During the plenary meeting, the project partners, coming from 13 different countries across Europe, discussed the technical progress made so far and the upcoming steps to be taken. The meeting also provided an opportunity for partners to exchange ideas and suggestions, ensuring the project stays on track and achieves all of its objectives.

Overall, valuable input was gathered and fruitful conversations took place.

On March 9th, the Institute of Space Science hosted the TRUSTEE Workshop 1.0 – Co-designing Data Spaces: Empowering Usability, a hybrid Workshop focused on TRUSTEE. The Workshop also featured presentations from other EU-funded projects, including TANGO, TEADAL, AUTOFAIR, and GLASS.

The Workshop was split into three sessions with the attendees divided into three different Working groups, based on their domain of expertise, to discuss different aspects of the project. Participants shared their experiences and worked together to identify best practices and solutions to common challenges faced by EU-funded projects. The first session was devoted to Personas & Requirements, whereas the participants had the opportunity to discuss what they expect from a project like TRUSTEE. During the second session (Secondary Data Use) the participants talked about key domains, what secondary data use can be considered of benefit, to whom, and what would be the legal, socio-ethical, and other requirements, challenges, and potentials. For the third and last session, the participants gathered to discuss about legal and ethical requirements. Participants were asked to share previous experience with data spaces or sharing certain data on data spaces and any previously observed obstacles concerning legal, ethical, and regulatory compliance related to such activities.

TRUSTEE’s third Plenary Meeting will take place in July. Until then, stay tuned for more updates!