ERCIM news feature TRUSTEE!

TRUSTEE project has been featured in the latest issue of ERCIM News, the quarterly magazine of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics! The magazine’s Special Theme: Data Infrastructures and Management (ERCIM NEWS No 133) explores how TRUSTEE offers a unique solution to one of the most pressing issues in the data science community: how to safely and securely share sensitive data across organizations.

The authors of the article, Emmanouil Spanakis (ICS-FORTH), Evangelos Markakis (HMU), Dimitra Papatsaroucha (HMU), Ilias Polits (INQBIT) and Vangelis Sakkalis (ICS-FORTH), provide an in-depth analysis of the framework, highlighting its key features and benefits. TRUSTEE is designed to enable cross-federation of data in a way that protects privacy, maintains security, and ensures trust between organizations. The project’s architecture is also being showcased.

The article can be found here: