TRUSTEE at the CPDC Conference

On May 25th, the TRUSTEE project actively participated in the CPDC Conference, where several crucial topics regarding trustworthy data spaces, privacy preservation, legal and ethical challenges, and the application of AI/ML solutions were discussed.

The panel consisted of Prof Evangelos Markakis, Dr. Velislava Tchakarova-Hillman (PhD), Katarzyna Barud, LL.M. Eur., Alberto Berreteaga Barbero, and Sonia Jimenez Moreno who engaged in insightful discussions during the panel “Trustworthy Data Spaces from the Perspective of Their Developers and Users – Current Challenges and the Way Forward,” organized by the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law at the University of Vienna.

In-depth discussions were held on data spaces and the significance of trustworthiness. Data spaces were definedand developers’ roles in implementing robust security measures and privacy-enhancing techniques were highlighted to ensure trust in these data spaces. Then, the role of TRUSTEE was presented. The focus was on TRUSTEE’s privacy-enhancing techniques, such as Homomorphic Encryption (HE), Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and authorization methods aligned with eIDAS, ensuring privacy preservation during data utilization.

It is worth noting that TRUSTEE is not one ensuring accountability on a technical level but also at a legal level. Thus, a comprehensive introduction to the legal and ethical challenges surrounding data spaces was provided. Speakers also highlighted the importance of ensuring accountability in data spaces through traceability, technical enforceability, and legal frameworks.

The discussions highlighted the importance of collaboration among developers, researchers, legal experts, and end-users to ensure data privacy, integrity, and compliance within data spaces.