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What is TRUSTEE about

In accordance with the principles of responsible/trustworthy AI by employing a co-development approach as the foundation methodology TRUSTEE proposes a secure-by-design Federated Platform in accordance with EU data strategy (COM (2020) 66) and the main EU reference architectures (GAIA-X, EOSC, EGI) in the sector, capable of ensuring interoperability, enabling cross-border scenarios, and scaling a variety of AI-based applications through the use of open APIs, with the goal of making the EU the world's most secure and trustworthy data hub.

How Will TRUSTEE Achieve Those Goals

To achieve this, we employ a novel homomorphic approach that ensures user-friendly, safe, trustworthy, compliant, fair, transparent, accountable, and long-term data collection, storage, processing, querying, and delivery.

Why Do We Need TRUSTEE

It is undeniable; ICT innovations generate both challenges and opportunities. Thus, there is a need to assess how well existing technologies can be used to improve the accessibility and quality of multidisciplinary big-data sources from diverse sectors in a trustworthy, fair, responsible, and environmentally friendly manner across the data lifecycle, in order to facilitate data sharing and manipulation. Informatics methodologies can be used to vigorously incorporate such complex requirements from a multidisciplinary perspective, with the goal of discovering data-based markets and developing more reliable models for various types of applications. Therefore ,the efficient translation and utilisation of this massive amount of heterogeneous data has the potential to foster relationships and cross-federation of interest, enriching and empowering effective and personalised practices.